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Parents / Guardians are responsible for completing an online Enrollment Form and submitting it before the first day of class or camp. Parents / Guardians are responsible for completing an updated Enrollment Form when there is a change to the information submitted.  In the future if you attend an event we will check to ensure that the most recent enrollment form on file was completed within the prior 12 months and will assume that it is still current if you have not notified us otherwise.


Should your child(ren) need to miss a class, please call the studio prior to the start of the scheduled class.  

In the rare event a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, we will either give you a refund or apply the class fee to another class at your option. We need a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 10 to hold our classes.


There is no proration or refunds for missed days.


Full payment is due at registration. We offer secure online payment through our registration system.  In the event that you need to cancel, please contact us a minimum of 3 weeks in advance. In this way, you will receive a tuition refund, minus an administration fee of $75.00. There is no proration or refunds for missed days.

Please note, if you cancel for a Date Nights or PD Day Workshops, there is no refund.

To switch to a different Summer Camp Week or class (based on availability), there is a $35 switch fee/per child/per week.  Refunds cannot be provided after the start of any Seed Studio Program.


If upon receipt of your registration a class is full, we will notify you by phone or email and will place the child on a waiting list.  If we have any cancellations prior to the first class, we will draw from the waiting list in the order that a registration was received.  If the class is full, we will either give you an opportunity to register for another class or refund your money.


For your child’s safety, Parents / Guardians are responsible for providing detailed information on our online Enrollment Form regarding all medical conditions (such as allergies, diabetes, etc.) as well as behavioral and developmental conditions (such as ADHD, autism, etc.).

We require all children who are prescribed an epipen, inhaler, or diabetic monitor to carry it with them at all times while on the premises, no exceptions. Parents / Guardians assume full responsibility for their child’s allergies and medical conditions.


Art is messy!  Worrying about keeping clothes and shoes clean restricts the creative process. We generally do not prefer smocks, although we do have a limited number available. Children should wear old comfy play clothes and shoes that can get messy.  Remember—your child is an artist—a little paint in the hair and the occasional purple fingers distinguishes him among his friends who have chosen less adventurous pursuits.


At Seed Studio, we prefer to share creativity, not germs.  In consideration of others, please refrain from sending your child to the studio when he or she is feeling under the weather.  Additionally if your child is too sick for school, he or she is presumed to be too sick to attend art class later that day. We reserve the right to restrict admission or send a child home, when, in our opinion, that child is ill or risks the health or well-being of other children. 


It is the sole responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to ensure that Seed Studio has current contact information for purposes of medical or non-medical emergencies.  The Parent / Guardian shall promptly notify us if there is a change in mailing address, telephone number, email address, medical information, authorized caregivers, and emergency contact information.  All Parents / Guardians are required to complete the Seed Studio Enrollment Form upon initial registration and include all such relevant medical and contact information.

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